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Thursday, January 22, 2009

ipl cricket 08 cheats

heat: Cheat List
AKHTER - Max speed for bowlers
ASIF - Max stamina for bowlers
GUL - Good deliveries for bowlers
HAIER - No ball for umpire
INZAMAM - Max stamina for batsmen
KARTHIK - Unlocks fast fielding
MALIK - Unlock Fly Mode
RAZZAQ - Players run quickly
SAQLAIN - Special move for bowlers
YUVRAJ - Fast running between wickets
ZAHEER - Unlocks fast bowlin


  1. how to accept this cheats on cricket 2008

  2. how to accept this cheats on cricket 2008

  3. how yo accept the cheats ?

  4. Where do i apply this cheats

  5. keep the mouse cursor on the MY CRICKET option and type (but dont click the option , only highlight it )
    should we type the cheats in CAPITALS ???

  6. Cheat Codes By Hassan Rasheed

    At the main menu, highlight, but do not select, the "My Cricket" option with the mouse pointer, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Press [Esc] to pause the game and re-enter the code to disable it.
    Result Cheat Code
    Super Batsman yousaf
    Your bowlers have full stamina asif
    Your batsmen have full stamina inzamam
    Your bowler bowls with super speed akhter
    You have super bowlers wasim
    You have super fielders rhodes
    You bowl superballs waqar
    You play Supersix afridi
    You play Super Four salman
    Faster runners razzaq
    Empire does not give noball despite the how much
    your bowlers speed meter reaches in the red haier
    Fielders have some enough flying abilities to catch
    the bowl. With auto fielding, press [Shift] to fly
    the fielder chasing the ball malik
    Your bowler always has all special deliveries. gul
    Your bowlers bowl with magic moves. saqlain
    General strategies
    You can get batsman out by bowling with a slow medium bowler and bowling shot of the length bowl (slower delivery).
    With fast bowler you can bowl the good length bowl. The keeper will have no problems catching it. Keep the speed to almost full, but not full. Also, any swing will do.
    Play straight and hit the six hit shot only when the bowl is near your half crease length or you see your stump flying towards the keeper.
    Play in New Zealand's stadiums (especially Auckland). The grounds are small and it is easier to hit sixes there than anywhere else.
    To get batsman out, just bowl a short pitched delivery with a medium pacer (Ganguly, Ponting) and keep the speed at no more than two or three lines. Keep the bowl in line with wickets. The batsman will eventually get bold or LBW.

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  8. It is not working don't provide codes if you are not sure... whenever the letter "S" is typed my cricket automatically opens then how to type the cheat....

  9. hey this codes are not working.

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